About Us

Sandwell Churches Link has been instrumental over the last 20 years in building relationships between churches to harness collaboration and understanding.

In 2016 we became a registered charity where our mission focus was primarily on how churches can reduce poverty in all its forms including tack of resources, low confidence and social isolation.

Our responses have been to work in partnership and collaboration with a variety of groups and organisations to build sustainable transformative approach to tackling poverty in areas such as Food Poverty, Financial Capability, Homelessness and Social Isolation. Our foundational work with Sandwell Food Power Alliance, Just Finance, Community of Practice (Homelessness), Places of Welcome and developing Town Networks has developed into a range of projects, initiatives and campaigns that provide local residents of Sandwell with vital services and the means to improve their quality of life.

Despite our recent successes the challenges remain as Sandwell continues to suffer from high levels of deprivation and local churches struggle with their own challenges and uncertainties about the future. Alongside the effects of austerity and cuts to local services churches have often been at the forefront of proving important services whilst dealing with declining numbers of volunteers and reduced financial support.

lt is within this environment that our future plans are focused on how we address multiple challenges whilst embracing new opportunities for community collaboration. Our next phase of development will be the launch of our "Opening New Doors" initiative where churches broaden their base for social action by working alongside communities to harness local assets and talents for community transformation. This will be built around the principles of Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) where churches can connect their own assets of people and buildings to the strengths and talents within their local community.

Sandwell Churches Link will also ensure that local opportunities for churches and communities are connected to groups working across Sandwell who share our mutual concerns on areas such as Homelessness and Food Poverty. This for example means connecting organisations such as Housing Associations or Food Cooperatives to local churches and communities to offer support and resource for local ideas.

We believe that Sandwell Churches Link is well prepared for both the daunting challenges and exciting opportunities of a post Covid-19 Sandwell and that we can be adaptable in the uncertain years ahead.

Legal Status & Structure

Sandwell Churches Link is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, having been first registered as such on the 9th May 2016

SCL operates with a Strategic Coordinator, reporting to the Chair of Trustees. The Trustees meet quarterly and bring a collective array of experience and expertise across many sectors along with a variety of theological and academic perspectives.

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Our values:

Christian Tradition - Sandwell Churches Link is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition, its ethos and values. It seeks to adhere to the biblical principle of:

  • Every life matters
  • Everyone has something to contribute
  • No one should be written off
  • We need each other
  • Injustice and inequality are to be challenged and overcome
  • Everyone is welcome

Working with Communities – Sandwell Churches Link is embedded in the culture and history of the communities of Sandwell. Our approach is to work alongside communities and organisations advocating a listening approach to better understand the needs and draw out the talents and assets from within the community itself.

Working with Churches – Sandwell Churches Link will continue to build on its well-established relationships with Sandwell Churches to listen to their concerns and aspirations, and to help them to cast vision for how to build authentic links into their communities. SCL will work alongside them to identify their assets, build connection with their community and mobilise them into new ways to work together with their communities to create a better tomorrow.

Our team

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James Lynch

Strategic Coordinator

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Rev David Gould


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Hazel Bloxham


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Rev Bev Thomas


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Rev Jon Grant

Chair of Trustees

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Esther Spence


Elizabeth Farley March 22

Elizabeth Farley

Vice Chair of Trustees


Trevor Palfreyman