Food poverty is a day-to-day reality for more and more people in the UK. The problems are often worse during the school holidays.

Jubilee Food Network is a multi-agency network of 60+ local organisations and individual members who are committed to improving access to good food for everyone in Sandwell.


Sandwell Churches’ Link co-ordinates the Jubilee Food Network to join up people who are working to tackle food poverty in our communities. From organising Holiday Clubs for families whose children receive free school meals, to providing expertise, help and advice to groups setting up food banks; and local initiatives such as Common Ground Community Orchard, an inter-faith project which created a beautiful 140-tree orchard on an unloved allotment site.

We’re a leading partner in the Jubilee Food Network, which is committed to improving access to good food for everyone in Sandwell. The network joined the Food Power programme in January 2018. Now it has more than 60 signed-up members and has developed a food poverty action plan for Sandwell.

To develop the plan, the network looked at local data to identify local issues and also spoke to local residents, who are at the centre of the action plan, to find out what Good Food means to them.

Current Jubilee Food Network projects include three horticultural gardens, a community orchard, holiday lunch clubs, food banks, shopping and cooking classes and community meals.

To find out more about the Jubilee Food Network, to become a member or to find out more about the work Sandwell Churches Link are doing in this area, please contact James Lynch: