Finances and Debt

Everyday expenditure keeps increasing and it’s getting harder and harder to make the pounds stretch to meet everyday essentials for many people. The cost-of-living increase, including fuel and food, has hit us all and although Sandwell Churches Link are not actively involved in any Finance related work currently, we recognise this is a real area of concern and feel a responsibility to share resources of where help is available.

Pound coins

There are specialist services available to all; whatever your personal circumstances. We can’t, unfortunately, make the pound in your pocket stretch further but we can signpost you to helpful and supportive resources to help you get the most out of it.

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Five ways the cost of living is rising – and how to get help if you’re struggling

Read the latest news article from The Big Issue about how rising prices are squeezing millions of households. In this fantastic article, by Sarah Wilson & Hannah Westwater, published 3rd May 2022, this very subject is broken down to look at exactly what’s changing – and where to get help during the cost of living crisis.